Monday, 11 August 2014



It's been a while, Why Fiction.

 Why so long, you ask? 

(I must shake off dumb jokes before getting back into the meat of this blog. Bare with me. They'll stop soon*)

((*I hope))

A lot has happened, a lot has not happened, but all in all I'm excited to be back. I'll pepper the upcoming posts with fill-the-time-gap stories, but the main thing that has led me back here were the words 'THE END' on page 572 of a manuscript I didn't think I'd ever finish.

It's entitled 'The Inventor In The Sands' and I am so very proud of how it turned out... but I'll get there another day.

First, feature your eyes on the extremely bald saxophone player in the picture above. Bald saxophone players are obviously cool, you might be saying, but why picture one on a blog about books?

Well I wouldn't have, if I hadn't lost so much darn hair. 

Yes, that stunningly smooth sax-man is your truly. I've spent the last few years focusing on my music career and amazing things gave come out of it. I live in Austin, Texas (the live music capitol of the world) and play out almost every night. 

If y'all (I can say that now since I live in Texas) want to hear a tune I wrote/played on for the band WAKING FABLE, here's a link that'll take y'all to it:

Anyway, this is just me saying 'hey' after a long hiatus. I have a broken ring finger right now so I'll keep this short, but it's good to be back.

 I look forward to tackling the Y's with you once again

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