Review Policy

Great news! If you want a professional novelist* to read and review your book, all you have to do is ask!

*And by profession novelist, I mean up-and-comer**
**And by up-and-comer, I mean book noob***
***And by book noob, I mean.... forget it, now I'm in a shame spiral

But seriously, I would be honored if you'd like me to review your work (or the work of an author that you represent). 

What I accept:

The  genre that is traditionally sent to me consists of Middle Grade and YA books, however, I'm a man trying to broaden his horizons. So I'm open to the following:
  • Science Fiction/ Fantasy
  • Mystery & Thrillers
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Humor
  • Business Books

So with that in mind, If you got em' I want em'

How I do what I do:

You send it. 

I read it in a timely fashion.

I write a review that reflects my honest opinion (So no bribes! Even if they have multiple zeros, and would allow me to acquire jet-skis and McMansions, and represent ultimate financial security, and... sigh, forget it, no bribes).

I post it on all of my social media outlets.

We all walk away with smiles and feelings of literary camaraderie.  


Since I'm the youngest old fart you'll meet, I prefer physical copies. 

Author Interview and Giveaways:

Yes! YES!

The best way to understand each other's why is to talk about it. If you'd like to tell me your story and share it with my MASSIVE audience (mostly my mom) then by all means, let's make it happen. And if you want to share a giveaway, that is also more than welcome.