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The Question I Ask Myself Every Day:

Why Fiction?

I know there are countless reasons out there. I know that fiction prepares us for life. And gives us an escape. And expands our imagination. But still, after all is said and done... WHY?

Why would I chose to give my only life to the pursuit and study of the make believe? Why do I spend hours clacking away at the keyboard, and even MORE hours suck in between the pages of something that never happened.

And why do I love it so darn much?

That’s why this blog was created. It is my sincere hope that you will all help me explore why we are all so enamored, intrigued, and down right mesmerized by fiction.

I’ll be posting reviews, short stories (a whole spinoff series from the Veil Trilogy!), memes, random bits from the book world, and a whole lot more. Please help me in my quest. Let’s share with one another so you can lead me to your why.


Oh, and there's no question mark in the blog name because this is meant to be part of the answer.