Monday, 7 May 2012

Since monday is often regarded as the worst day of the week (thanks Garfield!) I though I might try facilitating a discussion about the parts of fiction that make us go:


-In that order-

So here goes my first WhyFiction meme:

What's something about fiction that gives you that manic feeling?

For me, I'd have to say becoming friends with the characters. Especially in series. Take J.K. Rowling's work with the Harry Potter series. I was actually under the insane notion that these characters cared about me as much as I cared about them. I was always the same age as Harry when the books came out. I grew up with Harry. I learned with him. When he did his first patronus, I was so friggin proud of him. It's weird how fictional characters can have such power over you, but it's true.

Three-dimensional characters make fore three-dimensional adventures. It takes a lot of talent to put the kind of characters on the page that can easily jump off the page, and my hat goes off to any author who can. Thank you great authors like J.K. Rowling for my fictional friends. And to George R.R. Martin: Stop being so mean to all of my Game of Thrones friends! Seriously. Not cool. 

What about you? What about ficiton makes you go (sound above)?


  1. Easy! Characters so real you find yourself noticing a tee shirt at Wal-Mart they might want. And then buying it for them. In their size and favorite color.

    1. HAHAHAHAH DARBY! You literally made my day