Thursday, 12 July 2012


CHEERS to you Brandon Sanderson. You are so amazing that you've inspired me to Haiku.

It's Allomancy
Magic and metal combined
And I so want it

Despite the terrible, TERRIBLE covers, Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" trilogy has had me completely and utterly captivated for the better part of the last three weeks. The books are tomes, so I've been doing pretty much nothing but working and reading, but it's been quite the ride. I've been so engrossed that I've even stopped blogging for the last week. My mind was in sort of a 'Should I blog? Or should I dive back into the epic adventures of Vin and Elend? Ummm... Book please' kind of place.

These books are incredible. Seriously. I'm a fan of worldbuilding, and Sanderson's world is so three demential that I found myself in it while dreaming. And I was following all of his magical rules and everything. 

Though these books are not as mind-splittingly amazing as Patrick Rothfuss' "Kingkiller Chronicles" (though I'm not sure anything is), Sanderson has created an all-star cast of thieves, doing their best to set the world straight. 

If you've been finding your YA books to simple and formulaic these days, take a chance and dive into something a little deeper.

Like perhaps, a Well?

File:Mistborn- The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson.jpg

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