Friday, 29 June 2012

Cover Reveal for FAE

This is a real treat for me. Emily White is a friend of mine and I can't even begin to tell you how great her book is (note my super coveted recommended read spot). Not only is the story meat of "Elemental" (the first in the series) some delicious filet mignon, the cover is some imported Japanese Kobe Beef. 

And now, the cover of Fae is like a rare white truffle.

I think I'm hungry. 

Without further ado, enjoy this piece of art... perhaps with a nice chianti?:

Not all fae'ri tales come with a happy ending.
     Ella thought taking care of the ego-bloated Mamood god would be a sure way to bring peace to the galaxy and satisfy her taste for revenge.
     But she was wrong.
     Despite the fact their god is gone, the Mamood refuse to abandon their attack on the planet Soltak and Ella's own so-called friends start to turn against her. And with Soltak dying--its oceans drying up and its plants withering in the ground--Ella and Cailen suspect there's a new enemy at work. As more people die and more water is leached from the planet, they both prepare for something straight from a nightmare. 
     The fae are coming.
Cover Design by Vic Caswell
Title: Fae
Series: Auri #2
Author: Emily White
ISBN: 978-1-937053-26-0 
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Formats: paper, e-book
Cover Design: Vic Caswell of Sketcher Girl


  1. YAY for emily!!! she really is such a talent!
    AURI series FTW!!!

    1. Vic,
      I can't even begin to tell you how awesome you did with this one. KUDOS KIDDO. (I only called you Kiddo for alliteration. I didn't mean to be so pejorative. Crap I was just pejorative by using the word pejorative. Crap.)

      Let's try this again:

      Vic, you are a true artist and I am envious of your talent

  2. I'm hungry. *sips wine* Delicious!

    And you have no idea how honored I am to have my book on your coveted recommended reads spot. Seriously. You should not detect a HINT of snark in that (though I know you will because you've met me and you know I'm almost constantly sarcastic). You are one of my favorite authors ever, Dan. No joke. And how lucky am I that we're friends?? I feel so cool.